PhysioErgo is a trusted Physiotherapy and Ergonomic clinic provides preventive approach towards lifestyle disorders like Back pain/Cervical Pain or any bodily Pain. We first identify the reasons for your pain and provide proven effective solutions like as simple as changing your shoes to as difficult as changing your furniture or mattress

We strongly believes in following good Ergonomics as it prevents strain related physical ailments and ensures long term physical well being.

We use the finest range of equipment manufactured in accordance with the highest quality standards employing latest treatment techniques and most advanced tools. We follow the ideology of non-invasive,conservative management of Cardiac,Musculoskeletal,Sports and Neurological conditions,while empowerment for patients to treat themselves,making it the most effective and lasting healthcare and rehabilitative process that allows patients to life a pain-free and active life.


PhysioErgo also conducts tailor made Ergonomic trainings/Workshops/Seminars for Corporate,factories,Banks,Educational Institutes and other various sectors addressing their unique challenges.

orthopaedic pathologies, rheumatologic pathologies, sport injuries, post surgery re-education,back pain, women's health, lymphatic drainage, adults respiratory illness, babies respiratory illness, and one to one fitness

Get Physiotherapy Session at Home

By using our Home Physiotherapy service you can ensure that you receives the best quality in-home Physiotherapy services for Physiotherapy Home Visit.

Our service is open to patients who want the best for their health and the quality of our treatments is recognized by our patients and the professionals we work with.

But if you prefer to be seen ​at​ the practice, we also treat patient​s​ at the ​PhysioErgo clinic in sector 49.

We aim to provide great customer service. If you have any questions, here are all the ways you can contact :